What’s a Bed Scarf?

Eden with Rio Linen

In an industry that really doesn’t change all that much, there is a new way to “dress your bed”.  Bed Scarves are all the newest rage and really began in the hospitality industry, with hotels probably being the biggest users.  A bed scarf is just that — a two foot by 8 foot piece of fabric or a knit throw that is meant to go at the foot of the bed.  It is suppose to be functional in that it protects the bedding when someone lays down on top of it with shoes or puts a piece of luggage on it.  But, many bed scarves are wonderful prints — adding a splash of color to an otherwise neutral bed. Well traveled clients started asking if we carried bed scarves about 18 months ago and now our leading linen suppliers have finally brought out product to meet these needs.

Athena Comes in Taupe, Blue and Green

Leading the way is Peacock Alley, who introduced their line of bed scarves this last January.  Each bed scarf has coordinating pillows to go with it — so you can take a neutral bedscape and punch it up with color at the foot and head of the bed. And bed scarves are not as major of an investment as a duvet cover and shams, so you can change your bed with a more modest investment.  And, you can change it seasonally if you want.

New at market last week was the introduction of matelasse bed scarves in Vienna silk and Lucia silk with matching bolster pillows and in all the colors. The cotton/silk blend matelasse is beautiful and has a sheen that ordinary matelasse does not.  It can dress up a plain white or ecru matelasse and make a very current look.  Rio linen will also be available in bed scarves this fall — a much more modern look for the condo set.


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2 Responses to What’s a Bed Scarf?

  1. patty king says:

    I am interested in the green/blue bed scarf pictured on your web site. How do I go about getting information on it???

  2. Scarf says:

    So that is called a bed scarf?! I didn’t know that until I know. I just thought it’s part of the beddings. Cool! Beds need scarves too, I see. 🙂

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